RED BULL | Summer Launch Campaign

To introduce the new Red Bull Summer Edition in South Africa, we created a campaign that embodied everything about summer. The tropical flavours of the new drink were brought to life with an illustrated pattern that was a colourful deviation from the usual Red Bull look. This pattern lived across a variety of mediums and visually matched the exciting new tropical flavour.

Client: Red Bull
Agency: Publicis Machine
Creative Director: Jake Bester & Jacque Smit
Copywriter: Neil Meyer
Pattern illustration: Cassandra Leigh Johnson
Collateral Design: Jodia Steenkamp, Alicia Emma Nicola, Cassandra Leigh Johnson
Design Production: Jacque Smit & Jodia Steenkamp
Speaker Production: Jasper Eales
Animation: Mw van der Walt
Client Service: Robyn Young
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