SANLAM | Wall Mural

Sanlam Reality is a programme available to all Sanlam group clients that empowers and rewards you as you improve your financial wellbeing. Sanlam Reality supports you by helping you save money and time, by offering you practical insights, and by rewarding you for responsible choices. As a member, you can get preferred access to Sanlam, save money on wellness, travel and entertainment, and reward you for financial responsible behaviour. Narrative - A subdivision of Publicis Machine group specialising in content marketing, were apprached by their client, Sanlam Reality, to create a piece of content marketing with a difference. A 6 story (21 meter high) wall mural that visually informed the employees at the Sanlam head office about the benefits of being a member of Sanlam Reality and all of it's perks. The challenge was to create a visually striking piece that was not only informative, but told a story from each levelas individuals went up and down the escalators.

Agency: Narrative | Publicis Machine
Creative Director: Jake Bester 
Design Director: Andrew Ringrose
Copywriter: Neil Meyer
Concept, design & Illustration: Cassandra Leigh Johnson
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