Multidisciplinary illustrator & designer at your service.

South African, London based creative with a particularly zealous approach 

to her work, specialising in branding and illustration.
Cassandra Leigh has a Bachelor of Arts in Brand communication from the Vega school of design, marketing
& branding (2009). She has worked in print design as well as 3 years in advertising for Publicis Machine,
 Cape Town.
In 2015 she was a top 10 finalist for the International Cannes Lions Advertising Age Cover competition as well as
winning a Nestle Ricoffy tin design competition for their heritage inspired edition. 

Brands/clients include: Red Bull, Boden (London), Verb Skateboards, Sanlam, Mentos, Nestle, Nando's,
Marmite, Marie Claire, L'Oréal, Jungle Oats, House & Leisure, Hometime (Australia), Boschendal Wines,
Iona Wines, Pienaar & Son Distilling Co,
YORK Surfboards and Granadilla shorts.

Agencies include: Publicis Machine, FoxP2CODE
Associated Media PublishingRadar, Not Norm, StormBrands (London)

Exhibitions include:

Winter Wonderland (2011) - a winter inspired group show at Salon 91 gallery in Cape Town
Show Me Your Munny (2013) - custom Illustrated Toitoy Exhibition 
Wavescape (2013) - custom illustrated surfboard exhibited at a charity auction in the Hamptons, New York
Gravity (2014) - a group show curated by myself and Dani Loureiro where 5 women, including ourselves
were invited to exhibit work based on the theme of gravity at the Salon 91 gallery in Cape Town
Stellar (2015) - An annual group show held at Salon 91 gallery where 10% of the artist's sales goes towards a chosen charity.

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