"For Dogs as cool as you"

Lucky and Lou is a jersey brand for stylish dogs and their owners. 
I was approached by Louise (of Lucky and Lou) who wanted something that first caught the eye of the owners, and then the pups. 

"I want to start something that humans would want to wear - you would never see me caught dead wearing a jumper with paw prints on it." 

My approach to this project was to create an eye catching brand that would stand out from what is currently on shelf (obviously)
while bringing across the personalities of Lucky and Lou who light up a room with their charismatic whit and unapologetic face licks. 

Lucky and Lou (Well her legs, at least)

The textile designs are based on the unique markings found on dogs.
The idea here is to have a different set of markings for each piece of collateral to help emphasise this concept.

Business Cards & Swing Tags​​​​​​​
Support local and grab your pooch a jersey - its cold!​​​​​​​
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