Introducing Mr. P
Mr. P is a bourgeois character created as the 'male' equivalent of another one of Iona's popular 'female' personified wines (the Sofie Terblanche, Sauvignon Blanc). The design of the wine label and Mr. P's character have a strong french, bourgeois styled influence, with a classy yet cheeky approach.
Close up of finishes: Gold foiling and high build on type
Box detail
Mr P - by Cassandra Leigh
‘‘In case you don’t know a great deal about Pinot
We have just the man with his feather, hat and bow.
Good old Mr. P with a nose for the best.
He truly knows his Pinot’s, he’ll put yours to the test.
With a feather in his pocket and notebook in hand,
he slowly sips his glass, They hope it’s not too bland.
He raises his brow and has a look around.
He gives a subtle wink, the wine makers have done him proud.
As Mr. P has no time to chat, he casually walks away with a feather in his hat.’’

Agency: CODE (company of designers)
Client: Iona
Creative Director: Michelle Viljoen
Illustrator/ Designer: Cassandra Leigh Johnson
Copywriter: Poem - Casssandra Leigh Johnson | Back label copy - Andrew Gunn
Photography: Cassandra Leigh Johnson
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