Pienaar & Son is a small craft distillery in the center of the Cape Town City Bowl. 
This tiny distillery goes about its business finding fresh ways of creating and introducing people to quality, modern spirits. 
Although they more than appreciate traditional methods and the history of distillation, the notion that ‘older is better’ could not be further from their opinionated truth. The “Master Distiller”, Andre Gideon Montgomery Pienaar, is still in his 20s. All their equipment is newly, hand built, locally and their processes are based off cutting edge nerdy engineering principles developed by the chemical engineering brains behind the operation. A father with more than 40 years of distilling technology experience and his stubborn son, hand crafting spirits with science and art, they believe in starting traditions, not following them. 

A year long project that was pushed and pulled until the visual identity fully encapsulated everything mentioned above about the brand. Youthful,
exciting - yet sophisticated and cutting edge. 



ORDER ONLINE HERE: http://pienaarandson.co.za/

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