Advertising Age | 2015 Cannes Lions Cover Competition

Every year, Advertising Age in association with Cannes Lions Festival, sends out an open brief to creatives all over the world to design the front cover of the Advertising Age magazine. This magazine is then released during the week of the Festival in Cannes where the who’s who in the creative communications industry all come together to celebrate the world's biggest annual awards show and festival. The winner is awarded the honour of having their design featured on the front cover, while the top ten finalists are featured inside the magazine as well as on billboards around the festival. This year my design came in the top 10 of over 400 applicants from 40 different countries.
'A Beautiful Mess'

In the age of information, we as a society are inundated with messaging, information, images, photos, pictures, ideas, words, and experiences. This is seen as a hindrance to creativity because it muddies the water and every idea is a reflection of another idea, but to turn an obstacle into an opportunity, I decided to use the world that I live in – that being one where the internet, social media are involved - to create an image that reflects it. Introducing ‘The Beautiful Mess’, a surrealist influenced illustration that encapsulates the essence of the creative mind with a modern twist using bold, eclectic colours. By opening my mind, I allowed every idea, every visual and every picture that popped into my head turn into a part of this illustration, reflecting both the world around me and the things on my mind,showing how the creative will always find beauty in the mess.  ​​​​​​​
Billboard in Cannes

Archival Print version
142 x 185
R2800 unframed

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